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The Story

EcoCamps are Bantay Kalikasan's education initiative since 2018 that was born out of the desire to build lifelong curiosity and interest in marine conservation. After recognizing the pressing issues plaguing the country's marine life and the lack of community participation, Bantay Kalikasan sought to champion the EcoCamps with the formula of inquiry-based learning plus experiential education and active stewardship.

Students and teachers attended Eco-camps


In today's rapidly changing and complex world, the disconnect between people and the natural environment is widening, leading to a need for more awareness about the critical importance of marine ecosystems and species protection. Students, teachers, and communities often need more opportunities to engage with and understand the environment thoroughly. Further, existing modules and lessons on marine science may be too technical to be comprehended.


Bantay Kalikasan began the EcoCamps initiative to offer students, teachers, and communities an immersive learning experience on marine diversity and protection. EcoCamps are usually 3 to 4-day events that include module learning, hands-on activities, interactive workshops, and guided exploration so participants can better understand how to better care for the environment. Participants can take home the modules distributed during EcoCamps and use them to disseminate their learning, creating a ripple effect.

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