Community Empowerment and Social Entrepreneurship

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The Story

ABS-CBN Foundation’s Integrated Area Development (IAD) program with grassroots communities is a purposive move towards sustainability and lasting impact. The program builds the capacities of communities towards governance, leadership, stewardship, and community-based enterprise development and management. IAD takes the community-driven development (CDD) approach – which is widely used to encourage localized participation, inclusion, and sustainability of development projects.

With years of implementation experience, IAD has witnessed that most communities have untapped potential. They have a wealth of ideas and dreams, and a formidable and eager spirit – which are a good foundation for successful leaders. The communities are also blessed with a rich and fertile physical landscape, a beautiful heritage and culture, as well as a sense of camaraderie that makes mobilization easier. As such, IAD continues to champion the CDD approach to ensure that the communities are empowered to become leaders and drive sustainable change for themselves.

The initiatives forwarded by IAD address the multi-dimensionality of development: social, economic, and environmental. Their projects are anchored on strong partnerships and ownership of multi-stakeholders: academic institutions, local government, national agencies, private organizations, and other civil society organizations.

Filipino communities journeyed with through different phases of development, mostly from community organizing stages and eventually the inception of their social enterprises.


High poverty rates relentlessly afflict remote and vulnerable areas, exacerbating the socio-economic challenges they experience.


People development and empowerment programs focus on adding to the knowledge, enriching the skills and cultivating the disposition, mindset and culture of leaders and members of people’s organizations, associations or cooperatives as they manage, operate and grow their own development programs.

Development and assistance to Community-based Social Enterprises (CBSEs) through integrated solutions and network building help improve operations and scale up enterprises in their various stages of development. CBSEs partnered with are in ecotourism, agriculture, agritourism, food and non-food processing and services.

AFI partners with artists, experts, and other organizations who serve as mentors to the CBSEs mostly for their product development and marketing. AFI also works with other organizations to provide selling and marketing opportunities for them.

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