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The Story

As part of their comprehensive “Strengthening the Senior High” project, Programa Genio has also integrated teacher training into their initiatives. Modules and lessons under the teacher training component are based on a needs assessment conducted by the Programa Genio team.

Teachers upskilled


Recent reports and educational assessments, such as the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), show the poor performance of Filipino students compared to the rest of the world. A significant contributing factor identified is inadequate teacher training, evidenced by teachers’ insufficient grasp of modern pedagogical methods to address diverse learning needs and limited exposure to innovative teaching tools and approaches.


Programa Genio conducts teacher training to upskill and reskill teachers to better respond to the needs of the students, adapt to the changing norms in education, and use tools that can make teaching and learning more efficient. The goal is to help teachers build a student-centered classroom that will equip the students with the skills to pursue their chosen pathways. Programa Genio also provides mental and emotional wellness workshops to support the teachers’ well-being.

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Your generous donation will directly enhance the education landscape in the Philippines. By contributing to Programa Genio’s teacher training initiatives, you empower educators to better address the diverse needs of their students.

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