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The Story

Programa Genio envisions bringing out the genius in every Filipino child it helps. In pursuit of this vision and through numerous engagements with their partner schools, Programa Genio has identified the need to provide senior high school students with the essential tools and materials to enrich their learning experience.

Senior High School Recipients


Institutional reports have shown that the Philippines can only partially cope with the demands of its Senior High School program due to a lack of essential educational resources such as the internet, digital tools, equipment in technical vocational education and training, and more. This hinders students' effective learning and skill development, regardless of their chosen strand or pathway.


With the help of school divisions and partners, Programa Genio identifies the equipment necessary for learning enrichment and accessibility and provides the necessary equipment. These include equipment such as risographs for module distribution, tablets for distance learning, computers to enhance the students’ Information and Communication Technology (ICT) strand, and more.

Impact of Your Donation

Your contribution will help Programa Genio provide essential equipment to senior high students, fostering enriched learning experiences and equitable skill development.

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