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The Story

As a component of their Strengthening the Senior High School Project since 2012, Programa Genio has implemented Career Coaching to many of its partner schools in the Philippines. They work closely with the Department of Education and the schools’ guidance counselors to ensure students are empowered to decide their future pathways out of fulfillment, not societal pressures.

Students career coached (Grade 10, 11 & 12)


The Philippines’ education system continues to be challenged with inadequate information on diverse pathways that students can take post-graduation – leading to indecisiveness and often poor decisions for their futures. Also, the lack of career coaching in education systems has resulted in students lacking employable skills that translate to workforce mismatch and, eventually, underemployment or unemployment.


Programa Genio provides career coaching and training to guidance counselors to help students decide on a pathway – pursuing a college education, starting their own business, becoming an entrepreneur, or taking a technical vocational track. Further, they guide students in making the appropriate choice of track, subjects for that track, and post-high school career decisions. Programa Genio also trains students in employable skills and assists them in a possible career placement.

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Your donation will enable us to transform the lives of Filipino students by addressing critical challenges in the education system. With Programa Genio’s career coaching and training, students will be guided to make informed post-graduation decisions and align their skills with their chosen pathway’s demands.

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