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The Story

Since its inception, Programa Genio has been focused on its mission of H-ealth, E-ducation, and A-ccess to equity in quality education, reaffirming hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow. Beyond the “Strengthening the Senior High” project, they offer learning opportunities to underserved fellow Filipinos, such as out-of-school-youth and adult learners through Alternative Learning Education (ALE).

ALE teachers trained


Many Filipinos, especially those from marginalized and underserved groups, don’t get the chance to enter or finish formal basic education for various reasons. Traditional education systems struggle to accommodate diverse learning needs, leading to a high number of dropouts and out-of-school youth and adults.


To address the above challenge, Programa Genio’s Alternative Learning Education project has two components:

  • The Alternative Learning Education component provides opportunities for out-of-school youth and adult learners to develop basic and functional literacy skills and to access equivalent pathways to complete basic education. This can be done by upskilling and reskilling teachers and learners through training.
  • The Functional Education and Literacy component is designed to provide intensive community-based literacy training for illiterate out-of-school youth and adults from the poorest segment of society with educational programs designed to foster the development of basic level reading, writing and computing skills integrated with expressed priority learning needs.

To come to terms with the new normal and accommodate those in the far-flung areas, the training can be conducted face-to-face, virtually, or with a different approach to make it accessible to the learners.

Impact of Your Donation

Your support will go to providing necessary equipment and training teachers and willing learners from marginalized and underserved communities to overcome barriers to education.

Be part of our mission towards inclusive education!