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Rehabilitation Efforts

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The Story

Sagip Kapamilya provides rehabilitation assistance to families and communities affected by disasters to augment Relief Operations operations. Part of these rehabilitation efforts include:

  • Rebuilding community infrastructure such as shelter schools.
  • Access to drinking water.
  • Creating nutrition programs for children – all to help rekindle the hope of the Filipino people.
Classrooms built since 2013
Legacy buildings built since 2013


Apart from ranking as one of the top 5 most disaster-prone countries, the Philippines is among the top 3 countries with population exposure and hazard vulnerability. With Typhoon Paeng in 2022, 600+ classrooms were damaged. In the same year, around 20 schools in affected regions also sustained damages from Typhoon Karding, with 12,000,000+ learners affected and disrupted from learning, as some schools were also used as evacuation centers.

In the year prior, around 1.5 million houses were destroyed by Typhoon Odette. These staggering numbers highlight the urgency to go beyond Relief Operations and provide rehabilitation to guide Filipino families back to normalcy as soon as possible.


Sagip Kapamilya is committed to impactful rehabilitation projects to rebuild critical infrastructure, including homes and schools while ensuring access to clean drinking water in underserved and disaster-affected communities. As part of the comprehensive rehabilitation initiatives, Sagip Kapamilya also championed the Legacy Project, constructing robust two-story, eight-classroom buildings designed to facilitate education and serve as a resilient evacuation center during disasters. This Legacy Project encapsulates ABS-CBN Foundation's enduring dedication to creating lasting positive change in the lives of those we serve.

Impact of Your Donation

Your donation can help rebuild vital infrastructure in communities in need through Sagip Kapamilya. Your contribution ensures families regain their homes and children access quality education as soon as possible.

Join us today in rebuilding structures, lives, dreams, and futures.