Preserve the Philippines’ Natural Heritage: Support our Conservation Efforts

AFI’s environment advocacy (Bantay Kalikasan) empowers Filipinos to become Earth Warriors and safeguard the Philippines’ natural environment. Our mission is to preserve and enhance Philippine biodiversity, creating a lasting impact for future generations.

Founded in 1998, Bantay Kalikasan has a strong track record of protecting and enriching our country’s natural environment. Our initiatives include rehabilitating La Mesa Watershed and Ecopark, cleaning Pasig River’s tributaries, promoting responsible waste disposal, and engaging communities in Citizen Science for biodiversity hotspots like Verde Island Passage. We are also committed to protecting mangroves and coral reefs along the coasts.

Become an environmental champion and empower our mission.

Our impact on the environment

With your support, we have achieved remarkable milestones in environmental conservation.

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Deforestation, pollution, and degradation of ecosystems pose significant threats to our environment. By taking action now, we can make a tangible difference in preserving the natural beauty and resources of the Philippines.

Spotlight On

La Mesa Watershed

We have achieved remarkable results in restoring the La Mesa Watershed and Eco Park:

88.75% of the forest was restored.
1,552 hectares reforested.
1.3 million trees were planted and protected, with a 92.5% survival rate.

At La Mesa Eco Park, we prioritize eco-conscious activities, promoting gardening, learning, and team-building. The park’s resilience is evident in its increased popularity, attracting 118,000 visitors in 2022. We plan to enrich 500 more hectares, establishing a living laboratory for forest conservation.

Community Success Stories

I was a scholar of the ABS-CBN Foundation (Bantay Bata 163) for 6 years, They helped me to be the person I am today, l wouldn't be a registered nurse today if it wasn't because of them.

Thank you so much, ABS-CBN, you made our dreams come true.

Jose Boy Feliciano | Bantay Bata 163 Beneficiary
Jose Boy Feliciano
Bantay Bata 163 Beneficiary