Empowering the Minds of Filipino Youth: Transforming Lives through Education

Programa Genio, established in 2012, empowers Filipino youth and adults through transformative education. Collaborating with the Department of Education and private sector donors, we provide equal educational opportunities and skills training to maximize personal growth for Filipino youth, particularly those in disadvantaged circumstances. We also partner with the Alternative Learning System, providing skills and livelihood training for both youth and adults.

Be a part of this transformative journey that empowers Filipino youth through our programs that provide inclusive, long-lasting education that unlocks their full potential. Our holistic approach combines an improved curriculum, interactive teacher training, and engaging learning materials for overall growth.

Let’s work together to build a dynamic society and change lives.

Our impact on education in communities

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Children were rescued from child abuse
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Education inequities and gaps persist in the Philippines, leaving millions of children without access to quality education. Bridging these gaps and empowering Filipino youth is paramount to creating a more equitable and inclusive society.

  • Out-of-School Youth

    According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, in 2019, approximately 3.8 million out-of-school youth aged 6 to 24 could not attend school and were deprived of essential knowledge and skills.

  • Disparities in Basic Education

    There are disparities in access to quality education across regions and socio-economic backgrounds. Many remote areas lack infrastructure, resources, and qualified teachers, leading to unequal learning opportunities.

  • Dropout Rates

    High dropout rates in the Philippines are driven by poverty, limited school facilities, long distances to schools, and the need for child labor. As a result, students miss out on completing their education and improving their prospects.

  • Digital Divide

    The digital divide in education, highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, has left many students in rural and low-income areas needing more reliable internet and devices, making remote or blended learning difficult and widening the education gap.

Solutions to address the challenges in education

Our programs empower minds, foster creativity, and promote inclusive learning environments. By providing comprehensive support, upskilling teachers, and offering alternative learning opportunities, we strive to transform education into a catalyst for positive change. We are focused on strengthening the areas below:

Success Stories


We support the most dedicated teachers

“ABS CBN also gave us webinars on how to cope up with the pandemic mentally and emotionally. We had attended Building Better Mental Health and Self Care, Coping Strategies with the New Normal and Building Emotional Resilience which taught us how to learn to live with uncertainty and adapt to new situations in our life while nurturing ourselves reduce our stress and become an emotional resilient person. We were stressed teachers who live week per week in printing sorting and distributing and retrieving modules and we think that the more we do it the more our students can learn and the more we are accomplished. After attending the webinars, we have come to terms with our anxieties, and we have set more realistic goals with what our students can learn and what we can accomplish as teachers and individuals in this time of pandemic. We have also learned to sort our uncertainties as individuals and learn to know more ourselves and accept what we can do and improve on what we cannot. We now realized that the only way to do it is to take care of ourselves more. By doing so, we can achieve more for our students, our families, and ourselves and we are very grateful to ABS CBN for all of these.”

Melinda F. Celoso
Melinda F. Celoso
Teacher II
Leodegario D. Deocampo Sr. National High School, Roxas, Capiz

“As an ALE (Alternative Learning Education) teacher, we need to be flexible. And there are many factors affecting our emotions. So it's a good thing that we have this kind of training that really helps us. We can use all the principles in classrooms and also in educationg our ALS Learners.”

Rosaleo C. Grevialde
Rosaleo C. Grevialde​
Alternative Learning Education Teacher​
Sorsogon Province Division​

“We started the SY 2020-2021 struggling because this modular distance learning was all new to us. Towards the end of the year 2020, the great news came to us that ABS-CBN Programa Genio will be sending us a risograph machine. We were overjoyed. The agony of hours of printing will finally be over. But then we crossed the bridge. Modular distance learning became easy and was carried out smoothly in our school because of our partnership with ABS-CBN Programa Genio. We are and will forever be grateful for all that you have given to our school, learners and teachers. Salamat gid nga madmo and may God continually bless you siksik, liglig at umaapaw.”

Mary Grace A. Lorca
Mary Grace A. Lorca​
Senior High School Coordinator​
Salngan National High School​, Passi, Iloilo​

“The impact of the donation given by ABS-CBN will lessen the problem when it comes to the materials that teachers need in order for them to attain their targets in the module reproduction and distribution. It was also a big help for us as a student because it improves our ideas and knowledge taking into consideration your efforts in providing us these materials for module reproduction. Before, they have been struggling on how to provide us 1;1 ratio of modules and sometimes they use their own money in order to buy the materials needed for our modules just to make sure that our modules is completely distributed. But, after your donation the problem of our teachers were answered. They try their best just to give us a good learning experience in order for us to be knowledgeable. The school burden would be lessen brought by this pandemic. ”

Niña Grace Besonia Dechosa
Niña Grace Besonia Dechosa
Grade 12 - GAS
East Villaflores National High School, Roxas, Capiz