Emergency Partnerships

Enable your employees and customers to help others in times of crisis

AFI is a national leader in humanitarian response, including lifesaving relief, recovery programs and local emergency preparedness. Our national presence, decades of on-the-ground expertise and ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions sets us apart. Supporting AFI's humanitarian programs allows corporate partners to help communities mitigate the impact of a crisis before it even occurs, emerge as leaders in the wake of a disaster, as well as reach employees or consumers who may be affected.

Disaster relief

Demonstrate your company's commitment to humanitarian relief

Work with us to make it easy for you, your employees and your customers to give:

Disaster relief
Donate to this advocacy
An easy way to provide pre-positioned emergency support so we can respond quickly to a crisis anywhere in the Philippines.
Workplace giving campaigns
Offer employees matching programs that drive needed support. Involve employees and your loyal customers in disaster response
Volunteer opportunities for employees
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Social & digital engagement
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Media support
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Customize a program to respond to an unexpected crisis
AFI can quickly build and manage custom donation pages for employees and customers.

“We are very thankful to have in ABSCBN Lingkod Kapamilya, a partner that not only has a wide reach and a clear process in mounting disaster relief operations, but more so a heart that genuinely cares for others and treats them as true Kapamilya.”

Benedict Sison
CEO and Country Head, SunLife Foundation

You can make an impact

View examples of examples of how we've partnered companies in disaster resilience

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