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The Story

The ABS-CBN Foundation Scholars program focuses on establishing an empathetic relationship with students and providing career counseling to help them make informed decisions about their future. The program aims to address the challenges and obstacles faced by Filipino youth in accessing quality education and reaching their full potential.

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Scholarships granted

Millions of children in the Philippines risk losing their education, hindering their ability to achieve a brighter future. The ABS-CBN Foundation Scholars program aims to empower minds and transform lives through innovative educational programs, bridging the gap in educational opportunities and ensuring equal access to quality education for every child.


The program faces challenges like education inequities, limited resources, and a need for career guidance opportunities. Many disadvantaged and marginalized students lack the support and resources to make informed career decisions and reach their full potential.


The ABS-CBN Foundation Scholars program addresses these challenges by establishing an empathetic relationship with students, providing career counseling, and connecting them with experts from various fields. Through values clarification and exposure to role models, the program aims to guide students in making effective career decisions and maximizing their potential.

Impact of Your Donation

By supporting the ABS-CBN Foundation Scholars program, donors contribute to empowering Filipino youth and enhancing their educational opportunities. Donations enable the program to provide career guidance, resources, and support to students, helping them unlock their potential and achieve their educational and career goals.

Join us in our commitment to unlocking the potential of education for every Filipino child. Your donation can greatly impact the lives of disadvantaged students, providing them with equal opportunities to succeed and contribute to the development of our nation. Together, we can create a brighter future for generations to come.