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The Story

The Career Coaching program by Programa Genio, the educational advocacy arm of the ABS CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc., aims to assist students in making informed decisions about their educational tracks, subjects, and post-high school career options. By strengthening the senior high school program and providing training in employable skills, the program directs students toward appropriate career opportunities based on their abilities, interests, and personalities.

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Millions of children in the Philippines face challenges in accessing quality education and making effective career choices. The Career Coaching program is vital in empowering students, enabling them to reach their full potential and achieve a brighter future. By providing guidance and linking students' abilities and interests to career options, the program addresses the urgent need for career support and enhances educational opportunities.


The education sector in the Philippines faces various challenges, including limited access to quality education, inadequate career guidance, and disparities in opportunities for disadvantaged and marginalized students. Many students need more resources and support to make informed career decisions and acquire employable skills.


The Career Coaching program addresses these challenges by providing students with personalized career guidance and training in employable skills. Through expert-led sessions, students are exposed to different career options and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to make effective decisions. The program also fosters a learner-oriented approach, responding to the diverse needs and circumstances of students, schools, and communities.

Impact of Your Donation

By supporting the Career Coaching program, donors empower Filipino youth and enhance their career opportunities. Donations enable the program to provide resources, training, and expert-led sessions, ensuring that students receive comprehensive support in making informed career decisions and acquiring employable skills. Donors are crucial in shaping students' futures and driving national development.

Join us in our commitment to unlocking the potential of education for every Filipino child. Your donation can significantly impact students' lives, providing them with the guidance, resources, and skills needed to succeed in their careers. Together, we can create a brighter, more equitable, and inclusive society where every student has equal access to quality education and meaningful career opportunities.