Help keep their future safe, healthy and bright

We work in areas where it's challenging to be a child.

A donation of $30+ or more can grow the more than 1,839+ children rescued from abuse, 79,656+ provided with medical assistance and 6,981+ scholarships granted.

Help Filipino children survive and thrive

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Featured Campaign: Child Welfare (Bantay Bata)

What we do

A better life for all Filipinos worldwide

We live to serve and make a significant impact in the areas of child care, disaster management, environment conservation, education and community development.

ABS-CBN Foundation International is committed to making a difference. With your help, we can continue to pass on the hope to Filipinos around the globe.

AFI's track record

Our Impact because of YOU

Children rescued from abuse
Scholarships granted
Children received medical assistance
Education granted worldwide

Our Partners

We work with companies of all sizes make a difference with their giving programs.

TransistorReformDSWD: Department of Social Welfare and DevelopmentAVPN: Asian Venture Philanthropy NetworkLopez Group Foundation, Inc.

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We have worked with thousands of amazing people

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